7 Ways To Help Yourself Cope With The Death Of Your Father


Losing a parent is part of life’s cycle. But no matter how universal this truth is, no one can ever be really prepared for the unspeakable amount of loss this experience gives. When a father passes away, in particular, studies show that the bereaved child feels a certain loss of a sense of vision or purpose in life. This can be attributed to the deceased’s patriarchal role in the family. And to help you help yourself cope with this kind of death, here are seven tips — from memorializing his legacy (through memorial gifts for loss of father) to seeking out support.

Acknowledge the situation and know the scope of your loss. For you to be able to cope, you have to first and foremost get a good grasp of the situation. And it extends well beyond acknowledging that your father has already passed away — the things he do or responsibilities he had for your family also needs to be shouldered by someone else now.

Honor and memorialize his legacy. Several memorial gifts for loss of father are available to help the bereaved pay tribute to the life of such a special human being. Even though your father is now physically gone, you can help keep his “presence” through meaningful items like memorial wind chimes and photo frames.

Reach out to others for practical help. While memorial gifts for loss of father help emotionally, it’s also good to acknowledge that you need practical help — especially during the immediate days and weeks following the death of your father. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your closest of friends and relatives; they’d be more than willing to extend a helping hand.

Understand that the different forms of grief can be felt from time to time. Denial, guilt, anger, sadness. All these forms of grief never really go away. They only diminish in time. However, they can emerge from time to time and make you feel vulnerable all over again. It’s a cycle that any grieving child feels — and it’s a fact that you must come to terms with.

Prepare yourself for special occasions. The abovementioned forms of grief can especially be felt during special occasions like your father’s birthday or death anniversary, or his and your mother’s wedding anniversary. In times like this, know that you’d need support from others — both in terms of emotional and practical help. It’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard with the surge of emotions that these events may bring.

Get professional counselling. If you find yourself in a constant cycle of grieving to the point that your everyday life — including your work and your relationship with others — take the initiative to seek professional help. Or at least, accept your loved one’s assistance when it comes to finding an expert counsellor.

Donate to charity in honor of your father. Doing a charitable act has been proven to give a profound kind of satisfaction. Doing so in honor of your father, it becomes a different — and a more beautiful — story. Don’t forget to choose an organization that resonates with the vision of your father

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