A diamond with ashes: A Meaningful Memorial Jewelry Piece

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be difficult. It’s hard to know how to express your grief and emotions. Some people choose to keep their loved ones close by with an urn, while others find comfort in honoring them at a memorial ceremony.

A diamond with ashes is an incredibly meaningful way to remember someone who has passed away. When cremated ashes are added to a diamond, it creates an intricate design that not only serves as a reminder of the person who died but also reminds us of our mortality.Read on for more information on memorial jewelry pieces and how you can get one for yourself or a loved one.

What Are Memorial Jewelry Pieces?

Memorial jewelry pieces, also known as remembrance jewelry, are a way to remember someone who has passed away. This type of memorial is made out of precious metal, such as gold and silver, diamonds, or gems. The jeweler crafts the piece with cremated ashes added to the mix to create an intricate design. Just like in urns, cremains is kept close by as a reminder of your loved one.

The Meaning OfDiamonds With Ashes

The meaning behind this particular type of memorial jewelry piece is that it contains diamond with ashes. The combination of a diamond and cremated ashes is what makes it so powerful. Diamonds are often given as symbols of love or friendship, but when they’re combined with ashes, it becomes a symbol for remembrance. This type of jewelry piece can be personalized in any way you choose, whether for yourself or someone else.

A Diamond with Ashes is a beautiful way to remember your loved ones, allowing you to carry them with you wherever you go. Even if you don’t have cremated ashes available, another symbol such as flowers or urns can be used in its place to create an equally meaningful piece.

Memorial Earrings 

One way to memorialize a loved one is through memorial earrings. These earrings are specifically designed for women and come with a diamond that has ashes in them. The jewelry piece was created by the company Memorial Jewelry Company in 2013, and it’s been gaining popularity ever since.

The earrings are available in gold, sterling silver, or 14K white gold. If you’re interested in getting these earrings as a reminder of someone who passed away, they’re available on the company’s website.

Memorial Rings 

A diamond with ashes is a beautiful and meaningful way to commemorate a loved one. A memorial ring, for example, can be an intricate design that includes cremated ashes. They come in various shapes and styles. One of the most popular types of memorial jewelry is a pendant necklace. 

The pendant holds cremated ashes and hangs from a chain or leather cord. It can also be worn as a ring or on a keychain. Another popular style is an urn necklace, which holds the cremated ashes in an urn-shaped pendant that hangs from the neck on either a chain or leather cord.

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