Back, Side Or Stomach Sleeper- We Have You Covered

They say fingerprints are unique to each person, so are sleeping positions! Everyone sleeps different and that definitely means no one mattress type suits all. Whether you are a back, side or a stomach sleeper- there’s a mattress out there that supports your sleep position. 

Picking the right mattress that suits your preferences requires a bit of research. With over a hundred options available in the market and reviews to back up as evidence, it may feel overwhelming to decide on one that fits all criteria. But, make sure that you pick one that suits your sleep style and comfort.  Read on to know which type of mattress marries best into your sleep position. After all, a good night’s sleep formula consists of a supportive mattress. 

Back sleeper

Most medical professionals agree that sleeping on your back is probably the best for spinal health. That’s why it’s absolutely important as a back sleeper to pick a mattress that will cradle your spine into proper alignment while keeping weight off your pressure points. 

Back sleepers should opt for medium-firm mattresses that allow the body to naturally lie in position. A memory foam mattress would be apt for such sleepers considering its material which has contouring capability to cradle the user’s spine delicately. Memory foam mattresses with a medium firmness level can avoid the “sinking in” feeling and provide support from neck till legs. 

Side sleeper

Probably one of the most pain susceptible positions, side sleepers are exposed to an increased risk of neck, back, joint pains directly as a result of the sleeping position. This is owing to the pressure laid on one side of the body when asleep and for long hours. Since our body has more curves on either side, there stands a chance to create more pressure on them.  As a side sleeper, you must pick a mattress that actively supports pressure points like hips, shoulders and knees. This is why latex foam mattresses have been popular amongst side sleepers for its ability to remain soft enough to prevent stress at pressure points. However, mattress manufacturers like Wakefit, offer the Orthopedic Memory foam mattress that has a combination of high resilience foams that comfortably allow your shoulders and hips to sink in leaving your spine aligned for better sleep. Latex foam mattresses may offer similar benefits but recent years have gotten complaints about their hardening process that involves using chemicals and fillers. 

Stomach sleeper 

Facedown, this is definitely a cosy position to sleep in. However, it may affect your neck and spine adversely with the pressure on the thoracic and lumbar spine. Unlike the previous two positions where the spine could relax in its most natural state, stomach sleepers stand the risk of zero support to the back. 

In fact, many people suffering from existing chronic back pain have become stomach sleepers to avoid enduring pain during sleep. However, this is a very temporary solution. Most stomach sleepers also prefer to wrap their arms around the pillow while sleeping face front. This can lead to nerve and joint pain in shoulders. Avoid this risk by opting for a firm mattress.

If you are confused about choice and still cannot zero into one mattress that suits both you and your partner’s various preferences, choose options like Wakefit’s Dual Comfort mattress that allows for hard and soft mattress firmness levels, either side. Being a memory foam mattress, it also allows for excellent air circulation, breathability and provides optimal support with its cradling feature. Most brands allow for trials before purchase, it only makes sense to take advantage of this feature before you splurge!

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