Can Acupuncture Be Helpful In Conceiving?


Infertility is defined as no conception within the tenure of one year even after unprotected sex. Infertility is found to be common amongst the couple due to reproductive age or more of the couple must be looking for a way out that would enhance the fertility cycle. Most people visit the reputed TCM Clinic in Singapore to seek help and become pregnant naturally or via IVF.

Most of the time, women need to seek help for fertility but one should even realize that men’srole is equally important in playing the role for conceiving successfully. It has been researched that out of 5 infertile couples 2 were affected by male factors and the other 2 were due to female-factor and one case falls under the combination or unknown factor category.

How is acupuncture responsible for conceiving?

One should be aware of the fact that there is no special combination of acupuncture or Chinese herbs that would make one get pregnant. Acupuncture plays a supportive role to process the overall promotion of the health of both partners. But on the other hand, it is even important to concentrate on other factors that are responsible to influence fertility and even increase the chance of pregnancy. The factors responsible are:

  • Timing: one needs to track her menstrual cycle to determine the actual time of ovulation that is best known as a fertile window which is the condition that arises from the day of ovulation and 5 days prior.
  • Age: Women who are younger than 30 and men younger than 40 have higher chances of getting pregnant easily. No one could say that after this age conceiving is impossible but becomes difficult due to natural biological reasons.
  • Lifestyle: one needs to get adapted to a healthier lifestyle such as quitting smoking, alcohol, or recreational drugs, reduction in caffeine consumption, and consuming a balanced diet can prove to create beneficial effects on fertility rates for both men and women.
  • Medical: have a regular check with the doctor for any sort of medical issues that could make the pregnancy difficult.
  • Weight: maintaining of healthy weight contributes to fertility because both over or under-weight women can struggle while conceiving and overweight men result into prone to reduced sperm quality and erectile issues.

Best acupuncture in Singapore helps to promote the opposite response in fighting back the stress response that needs to be lever the rest and digest response which entirely depends upon the regulation of digestion, sleep, recovery, relaxation, and many more.  Whereas traditional acupuncture even indicates to support fertility by promoting the circulation of reproductive organs and even trigger overall health.

How is it helpful while IVF?

Some of the women are even found to visit TMC clinics during or before the IVF cycle. Howsoever, it can be quite stressful but even then the approach doesn’t change a lot and look forth to upset the stress to a larger extent and promoting overall health. But after implantation, few particular points are used traditionally to indicate the retaining of pregnancy. Just after conceiving, acupuncture is applied to manage pain, morning sickness, fatigue, and many other problems. But when the pregnancy comes to end then acupuncture is utilized to assist natural labor.


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