Design tips that can boost workplace productivity

As Employees, we need to create a suitable working environment in which occupants feel inspired and find it easy to carry out their everyday tasks effectively.

The right work environment can help improve employee productivity. How can this productivity be achieved? Through investing in the right office design.

Choosing the right office design may make it easier for businesses to address the demands of their employees while still achieving high productivity and excellent results. For this reason, employers or business owners should consider their objectives, and how an office space may assist in achieving them, including what resources they need to make it happen.

Most of it doesn’t even take much. It involves simple things like reorganizing the office and availing a pleasant environment for employees to work in. This can help us boost our employees’ overall productivity.

So, are you looking to make changes to your workplace environment? Do you wish to use design as a tool to motivate and encourage your staff to be more active? If so, then here are some office design suggestions that can boost productivity at the workplace.

  • Create a clean and tidy workspace

To be productive, you need a nice workplace plan with friendly and adaptable furnishings. You can hire the services of a facilities management company to help properly organize office documents. They can also provide drawers or cupboards to help keep any papers out of sight. In addition, neatly storing electronic equipment such as laptops or PCs, can all help to improve overall wellbeing. Employees will be able happy to discover documents and information much more quickly and efficiently if desks are kept tidy.

  • Adjustable chairs and computer risers are recommended.

The chair office explains best how adjustable chairs reduce stress on the spine and pelvis while providing optimum support. Incorporating adjustable chairs and computer risers can assist team members to adjust the height of their workstation equipment to keep it at a comfortable level for their height? This may help reduce physical stressors such as eye strain and back pain, which are notorious for hindering job productivity.

  • Incorporate the right colors into your office

According to 99 designs, color can make us happy or sad. Colors can either make us feel hungry or relaxed. Your office’s color scheme has a significant impact on your employees’ comfort and ability to focus throughout the day.

While perspectives differ on which color schemes are best for office productivity, many design professionals advise utilizing natural colors like blue or green, which mirror characteristics of outdoor areas.

  • Create workplace quiet spots

Creating quiet spots within the offices creates room for employees to team up and catch up with their fellow workmates comfortably without disrupting anyone’s peace. Say you have a finance department in your office; the entire team should be housed in the same building so that each employee can collaborate on projects with their coworkers as needed.

  • Install natural light bulbs or open the windows.

For most employees, the majority of the days are spent working in the office. So, having to open windows that allow outside light to seep in can be very beneficial. If this isn’t possible, consider using light bulbs that are designed to block out natural light. The light they provide will help your staff stay connected to the outside world while also avoiding headaches caused by fluorescent lighting

  • Plants should be strategically placed.

Reminding team members of the natural environment can help them feel more at ease and stay focused throughout the day. To improve relaxation and team engagement, strategically install a variety of indoor, low-maintenance plants in various office settings.

  • Install artwork throughout the office

Gone are the days when professional offices were designed to keep occupants focused solely on work without any interruptions. Today, the newer way of thinking is that the more comfortable and pleasant the office is the more productive the occupied will be. When it comes to decorating your office, you should think about incorporating artwork into various areas. Shutterfly shows you how to artwork or pictures and how they’d look like on the wall. This artwork when put on display can encourage team members to be more creative. It’s crucial, though, to install uncomplicated elements that don’t cause any potential distractions.

  • Create an outdoor area

When team members have access to a specific outdoor place, they may be able to rest more readily during the day. Employees can use it to stretch and relax, that way when they return to their desks, they may feel more balanced and less stressed as a result of this. As a result, if at all possible, incorporate an outdoor space into your design.

  • Turn up the room temperature

The average temperature in a room is usually between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Although many businesses keep their offices at these degrees, warmer temperatures can boost employee productivity. Before turning up the heat remember to ask other team members because people have special preferences, so it’s always a good idea to reevaluate temperatures as time goes. 

  • Consider using room scents

Our sense of smell, like the color of the place we operate in, has a significant impact on our mood, mentality, and hence productivity. When you feel like your or your employees are starting to drift off, consider adding scents to your workplace to jolt your mind back into concentration.

Some of the smells that can help you to stay focused include;

Pine helps to increase attentiveness.

Cinnamon will help you concentrate.

Lavender works best at relaxing you after a long day at work.

 Peppermint helps to enhance the mood

Citrus energizes and uplifts the spirit.

The Bottom Line

To be productive, you must teach your brain to become more capable of concentrating and focusing. Without doing this, it can prove to be difficult to cultivate the desire to concentrate and push yourself.

If you want to make the most of your time at work, you’ll need to make major changes like we’ve shared using design as a tool. However still, you’ll need to inform your fellow workers that you’ll be busy for a few minutes or hours. That way there aren’t any unnecessary interruptions. It’s not easy but with a little practice and time, you’ll quickly find yourself able to resist temptations and concentrate better.

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