How To Display Multi-Frame Art Pieces On Your Wall

Art is something that can really liven up any place. As long as you choose the right artwork, you will be able to showcase magnificent creations that will be appreciated by those who see them whenever they walk by that particular wall. If you want to showcase more, you absolutely can.

It’s not uncommon to encounter 5 piece canvas art nowadays. With the versatility of different art pieces, you can exhibit all of them in a multi-frame setup. Displaying multi-frame art that comes as a whole is something that is a different artistic method on its own that is becoming more in demand.

Measure The Space

The amount of art that you will be able to showcase will depend on the amount of space that you’ll be working with. Measure the total amount of space that you are willing to use for the artworks that you’re planning on displaying. Take into account the margin that you’ll allot for the ceiling, windows, and doorways.

Amount Of Art Pieces

How many pieces of art are you going to display? Since you’re going to put up multi-frame art pieces, you will also have to think about the space that you’ll have between them. Take into account the space that the frame takes up as well.

To better gauge how much space you’re going to take up, always measure the art pieces, add the width of the frame, and space you’re going to leave between the different art pieces. With the figure that you have, try to visualize if they’ll all fit and how they’ll look like.

Of course, you can use different software to simulate a similarly-scaled setup where you can put up your art pieces. This will let you know what the end result could be if you already have an arrangement of art pieces in mind.

Minimizing Or Maximizing

You don’t always have to put up as much art as possible in the area that you are going to work with. Sometimes, putting up 5 piece canvas will look better depending on where you’re going to display them and what type of art you’re going to display.

Selecting a theme will also help you decide which art pieces you are going to display if you are only going to work with up to 5 pieces of artworks. It’ll also be easier to arrange because you don’t have to think about too many different artworks in one particular area.

Art Looking Out Of Place

There might be times that the art looks out of place. In this case, you can decide whether you’re going to remove it completely or choose a different frame. Having a centerpiece is something that some designers do to make something that stands out too much blend in a lot better.

When working with 5 piece canvas art, you can also use a different arrangement. You’re not always restricted to 4 outwards and 1 in the middle. You can use different placement strategies and even mix the sizes of your artworks.

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