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An activist in any fieldwork for improving society and they also think about future and for next generation. Activism or activist is something that people need to be proud of. Here I am talking about Cannabis activists who are actively trying to legalize the Cannabis business for online dispensary and offline dispensary. Each and every activist individually trying to make civil rights to buy weed online. You should have a positive point of view and a mindset to be an activist and make a future for our next generation.

Role of Cannabis activist: –

Cannabis activists play an important role in the education of the public in the field of weed. The public needs to know their limit of selling weed and buy weed online and also the difference between personal use and medical use of weed. Normally weed activists can work in a group and can work alone also. Cannabis activist needs to aware public about Cannabis and inequalities of Cannabis. Cannabis activist needs to stop criminal activity in the field of Cannabis business. Apart from the government Cannabis activist can also be so helpful in the restriction of the illegal Cannabis business.

Name of organizations

There are many groups and organizations working in the field of Cannabis to legalize it under regulation and restriction. We are some of are.: –

Norml: –

This organization is very old and started in 1970. This organization is working to reform Cannabis law for society. The Director of this organization is Paul Armentano. His point of view on weed is that the public should sufficiently use marijuana only for adults and it should be under restrictions. If we allow only high-quality marijuana to adults, it will be safe and convenient.

National Cannabis industry association: –

Is a well-known organization founded in 2010? The organization is a very largest and more effective organization that took the side of the legalization of the Cannabis business. This organization work to make the field of Cannabis stronger and efficient for the public. The motive of this organization is to legalize and make a business from the Cannabis industry.

Marijuana majority: –

This organization is new but very strong and its motive is to change the mentality of society towards Cannabis. They try to support selling and buy weed online to be legalized. There are many celebrities who have their own weed brand and support the legalization of Cannabis. Celebrities who support the legalization of Cannabis also support the marijuana majority for their motive. They have a wide team /activist working on the legalization of selling and buy weed online.

Priya Mishra:-

We talked about organizations now come on individual activists working on Cannabis legalization. Priya Mishra is India’s first female Cannabis activist working in this field. She is an environmentalist talking about Cannabis legalization in different speeches and shows. She has her own organization known as hempvati. This organization work to collect volunteers and give awareness about Cannabis and talk about legalization.

Willie Nelson

Very famous old-age guitarist actively working on the legalization of weeds in his shows and continue Pioneer marijuana advocacy. There are many interviews and news articles where Willie took the side of Cannabis legalization and selling or buy weed online

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