Marijuana Containers To Retain Optimal THC Levels

There are a few essentials to know about storing marijuana, especially if you’re looking into storing your marijuana for the long term. Temperature, humidity, and exposure to light and air are all vital aspects of proper marijuana storage. Many users will try to store their marijuana in plastic baggies, mason jars, or miscellaneous airtight containers found in their kitchen. But because of the current growth in the marijuana industry, there’s a host of excellent marijuana containers on the market, and it’s best to utilize one of these specially crafted containers rather than any old enclosure.

Poor Containers for Marijuana Storage

Plastic generates static electricity, which causes the trichomes in the weed to stick to the sides of plastic bags, significantly reducing the THC potency of marijuana. Not to mention the overexposure to sunlight that occurs. Mason jars are one of the most commonly seen marijuana containers, but these two are not the best method because they lack a completely airtight seal along, an element of humidity, and their translucent walls let too much sun exposure in.

Optimal Temperatures

At temperatures between 77° and 86°, marijuana can become moldy.  Somewhere between 32° and 68° is the best temperature for storing marijuana. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding marijuana storage like some people will store their marijuana in the fridge or freezer. However, due to the extreme cold of these environments, marijuana can actually lose its THC content even if it appears fresh longer. Trichomes become brittle and break of freeze off when stored in these environments.

THC Potency Declines Overtime

The THC levels in marijuana will break down naturally over time on their own, but when stored properly your marijuana can last up to four years, retaining a majority of its potency. This potency breakdown process can be measured yearly, with a clear 16% potency loss after the first year, 26% after the 2nd, 34% after the 3rd, and a total of almost 41%  measured after 4 years. So after 4 years, no matter how you store your marijuana, the THC potency is going to be almost half depleted. However, if your storing your marijuana that long anyway, then you may just seriously need to buy less at a time.

Containers Designed For Marijuana

If you’re looking for a specialized marijuana container, that is designed with all of the elements necessary to keep weed fresh for as long as possible, then containers such as CVault, Cannabuddy, or other airtight vacuum sealed are best. Rather than using plastic baggies, mason jars, or whatever else you’ve got laying around it’s best to use weed storage containers that are specially designed to retain and maximize potency.

If you’ve made a serious investment in your marijuana stash then like any wise purchase, it’s best to protect your investment. Don’t settle for less than perfect THC levels in your marijuana, because each year a certain percentage of THC is lost due to sunlight exposure, dry conditions, and inaccurate temperature. Switch to a marijuana container that tracks the humidity levels, like the containers mentioned here.

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