More People Watching Sports Free Than Ever Before

As the years have rolled by, the number of people that use the internet to watch television, movies and sporting events has increased massively. You could even argue that traditional television and cable television channels could come under threat in the format that they were usually enjoyed.

Netflix and other online streaming sites are the new way to get your viewing pleasure, simply because you can watch what you like when you like rather than having to make sure you are plonked in front of a television screen at the right time.

Sporting events are slightly different, however, simply because you are still tied to a schedule unless you are planning on watching a later re-run of the event. Nevertheless, you are still able to watch these online via the streaming sites that have (or in many cases do not have) the rights to show them.

Streaming Sites are Geo-Restricted

Now, any official streaming site such as SkySports that is showing a sporting event will not be accessible to everybody. In this case, only UK viewers will be allowed to enjoy the streams simply because Sky will only have the rights to show the event to people under its jurisdiction.

There is a way around this though, as you can simply use a VPN to circumnavigate the restrictions to make it look like you are based in the UK (or in the country that the content is allowed to be viewed by).

A VPN (a virtual private network) is pretty much exactly what it is called, a private network that you can use to connect to the internet. Highly encrypted, VPNs will allow you to surf the internet with complete anonymity and will give you a different IP address to the one that you are actually using. This means that getting past geo-restrictions is easy and effortless.

Netflix, BBC Player, Skyports, and any other streaming site will just assume that you really are located where your new IP address says you are. This means you can watch sports in any country, for example, check out regarder la f1 sur internet.

Now You Will Never Miss a Live Sporting Event Again

By simply installing a good quality VPN from providers such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, and Tunnelbear, whenever there is a sporting event around the world, you use them to connect from the country hosting it. Even better is the fact that nobody will even know what you are doing as your traffic and data are all encrypted.

It does not even have to be sporting events either, as the same thing can be done in order to see the latest movies, television shows or documentaries. Whether you want Dutch movies, British shows from the BBCi Player or want to unlock the US catalog of shows on Netflix, a VPN is all you need. You can also stream movies from the well-known comment voir la f1 sur internet.

Which VPN to Choose?

We mentioned a couple of VPN providers above but there are many more that you could consider too. Try to avoid free VPNs though, as these are nowhere near as secure or offer anywhere near as many features as the paid VPNs do.

They are not expensive either, you can pick up a good VPN that will cost you less than $3 per month and will even be allowed to try many of them out with a free trial. We certainly suggest doing the latter as you could try a few of them out before ultimately making a decision on which of them to use going forward.

Keep an eye out for features such as a kill switch and the number of countries that you have the ability to connect to. A kill switch will automatically stop your original connection from starting if the VPN was ever to drop its connection. This is important as you could give away your real IP address and location should this ever happen.

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