Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs a Renovation

Renovating your bathroom from time to time is essential. This does not necessarily mean completely reconstructing your bathroom. You can just add and replace a few items to make your bathroom design more functional and aesthetically pleasing. This process also includes replacing the items that got damaged or scratched over the years. As a result, your bathroom will never lose its shine and always appear as good as new. If you are not sure why your bathroom interior design requires a renovation, here are a few reasons:

01 of 04 Fixing leaks and small damages

Just like everything, the bathroom starts getting worn down over time and hence, leaks from various places. If leaks are not fixed, you can end up wasting as much as 700L of water a day. Moreover, leaks can create a damp environment in the bathroom which can attract mosquitoes and allow mould to infest. As a result, the space can become very unhygienic and even harmful to your health. During renovating your bathroom interior design, you can check all the faucets and pipes and replace the ones leaking. Also, if you do not fix the faucets in time, the damage can increase and you may end up spending more money to fix it.

02 of 04 Create more space for storage

By adding more storage space to your bathroom interior design, you can easily accommodate more items without making it appear cluttered and disorganised. As a result, you can make the bathroom space more functional without compromising on its aesthetic beauty. There are various options available in hand to create more storage space like open shelving, custom cupboards, additional storage space for throwing in your used clothes, etc. However, there are a few golden rules that you must follow like all medicines, hygiene products, towels, cleaning products, etc. should be stored in bathroom cabinets. Create cabinets under the sink if you do not have sufficient space available. Also, all cabinets and shelves must be made using waterproof plywood during your home renovation since they will be exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time.

03 of 04 Make it a more relaxing space

After a long and tiring day, a spa is all you need. However, you cannot visit a spa every day. Hence, the smartest idea is to revamp your bathroom and upgrade its fixtures and accessories so that you can enjoy a spa-like experience whenever you want. You must pay close attention to each and every item in the bathroom starting from the faucets, lighting fixtures, flooring, countertop to the colours used there. You can achieve a spa-like design by laying new tiles, adding a few modern bath fittings, and installing lighting fixtures that help to create the right mood. Various elements like textured tiles and brushed metals can help to create a spa-like bathroom. Also, you must keep safety in mind. Add features like non-slip flooring, safety bars, etc. as well.

04 of 04 Install fixtures that will make the bathroom more functional

While renovating your bathroom, you must first consider adding fixtures that can make your bathroom more functional. Mentioned below are a few common bathroom accessories that are essential but often ignored:

Shower screens: Although shower screens are not prioritised while designing a bathroom, you should never ignore their importance. Installing a shower screen can make the bathroom design more convenient by acting as a barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. This helps to prevent water from coming out of the shower area and keep the rest of the space dry.

Basin: You must install a basin in the bathroom. This will allow you to wash your hands and face when required. However, you must ensure that it is big enough and made of durable materials.

Slip-resistant floor: Installing a slip-resistant floor can help you to prevent accidents. You can choose a non-slip vinyl floor or ceramic tile floor to avoid slips.

During home renovation, you must always ensure that you buy good quality items from renowned brands only. AP Beautiful Homes is one of the top bathroom fitting manufacturers that sell top-notch products at very reasonable rates.

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