Simple Remedies to Restore the Shine of Your Wooden Table

It is not uncommon to get scratches, faded stains, and rings that make your wooden table look beaten up beyond salvage. However, there are some few things you can try before giving up on the table. Indeed, they are simple and could help to restore the table to its pristine condition. However, some people might ask: “Why worry about the table when it is easy to buy a new one?” 

  • Restoring wooden tables helps to advance conservation because designers do not have to cut more trees to make new tables. 
  • It might be the reclaimed wood table that you cherish so much because it was created by wood from a specific era. 
  • If the table is antique, the chances are that it is a priceless piece that is irreplaceable. 
  • The table might have a special meaning attached to it. For example, it might be a unique gift you get when your husband first proposed to you. 

No matter the reason why you want to have the wood table, here are some unique ways to restore it. 

Carefully Clean the Wooden Table 

The first step to restoring a wood table as mentioned on is cleaning it to clear the dirt. Here, the goal is lifting off the dirt without damaging the surface. Consider using a lemon or orange oil cleaner that helps to loosen the dirt and restore the allure of the table.

Wipe or spray the cleaner on the surface and let it stand for about 15 minutes. Then wipe it off. Repeat the process for about three times and allowing the table to dry completely dry before applying the next round. Remember that once the dirt is cleared, it is important to prevent further dirt accumulation in order to maintain the original allure. 

Apply Mayo on the Wood Table 

If you have ever knocked off a cup of coffee on a reclaimed wood table, you probably know how easy it is for the unsightly rings to appear. These rings result from the wood absorbing too much water. One of the simple methods of removing these rings is applying mayo. The regular mayo that is mainly used for sandwiches is a great solution for clearing the rings. Simply apply it and allow it to stand for about 30 minutes before wiping off. The unsightly marks will be no more. 

Clean the Wooden Table with Oil and Vinegar 

Though oil and vinegar are common with salad dressing, they might be the solution you need to restore that Oak table to life. Simply mix ¼ cup white vinegar with ¾ cup olive oil and apply on the surface of the table. Then wait for it to dry and repeat the process until all the stains on the surface are gone. Note that this solution is preferred for furniture suffering from light water damage. 

Restore the Shiny Appearance of the Wood Table 

After clearing the dirt and stains, the wooden table will spring back to life. But a closer look could reveal some scratches that still stand out. You might want to clear them and restore the shiny appeal of the table. One way of doing this naturally is by using a walnut. That is right. Crack it open and rub the pulp along the dings and watch the scratches disappear.

The Final Take 

If you have a highly cherished wooden table, do not simply give up on it because it is stained or has unsightly marks. You can easily remove them. The above four solutions have become the new sensational strategies for restoring most wood furniture to increase its allure. Remember that if you find it hard to restore the table, it is a great idea to seek professional help.

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