Thank Goodness For Replacement Parts

I put my Cuisinart food processor through the ringer. And I mean I really use it A LOT. I’m surprised at the amount of work it can take. It really is wondrous. I’ve never been happier with a purchase in my entire life. 

I was always one of those who liked to prep things ahead of time and didn’t really mind taking a day to do it. Well, add a growing family into the mix and that becomes more difficult. I will tell you, you will need more than a day to prep for a whole family. Plus, I find that having a solution that cuts down time and supplies is all around safer for the little ones. Little hands are grabby and sometimes they grab things that they shouldn’t- like knives, which is horrifying for a parent.

So it’s safe to say I use my Cuisinart food processor at least once a week, a lot of times twice. Throw in a holiday or a party and that bad boy is getting a ton of use. So of course the inevitable is bound to happen. 

Just as with anything else, using something over time, it’s going to cause things to dull or slow down. So it wasn’t exactly shocking to me that after prolonged use that my blades were beginning to dull. I was just worried that I’d have to buy a whole new machine and I didn’t really want to do that. I also didn’t think I could live without my Cuisinart food processor, so I immediately got to work with my research to see if there was an alternative to a total replacement. 

That’s when I found KitchenWorksUSA. They sell all kinds of Cuisinart DLC-7 parts that are actually made by Cuisinart, no aftermarket products or anything like that. I was so excited to discover this. I was super relieved that I didn’t have to buy a whole new food processor! I was also able to buy some things to level up my food processor. So I was able to replace my dulling blades, and I could get attachments for dough and different sized bowls for larger or smaller batches. I was so excited to get going with my new parts. 

How relieving it was for me to know that I didn’t have to spend the money on a whole new Cuisinart food processor, especially in the midst of raising a family. It probably wouldn’t have been something I could do at the drop of a hat. Needless to say, I am so glad that I found KitchenWorksUSA. They are now my go to for anything I need that’s related to my food processor. 

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