The Importance Of Physical Exercise For Children

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Although it might seem like children get the exercise they need in their daily activity, the truth is, many children don’t and, even at a young age, this can lead to obesity and a wide range of other health problems. Moderate to vigorous physical activities provide many health benefits to children and we are going to take a look at some of them. Let’s get started:

6 Reasons Why Physical Exercise Is Essential For Children

Fights Diseases- although children are generally healthier than adults, they can still be affected by high blood sugar and obesity. Both are strong risk factors of diseases during adolescence and adulthood. Highly active children also have more bone mass, reducing risks of osteoporosis when they reach senior years.

Better Sleep Quality-active children sleep better and soundly. With quality sleep, it is easier for children to handle any emotional and physical challenge. It is also good for their confidence and psychological well-being.

Healthy Lifetime Habits- it can be difficult for adults to change their sedentary habits. However, if they were physically active as children, it is easy to maintain proper habits well into adulthood. This is much easier to achieve if parents become good role models. They should show children how to have an active lifestyle. Parents should also involve children when making health-related decisions for the family.

Appropriate Behaviour- it’s strongly suggested by health studies that outdoor play and regular sports activities help to address behavioural problems in children. For children with symptoms of ADHD, their stress level could be much more manageable when they are playing outside.

Reduced Anxiety- children often experience heightened anxiety due to various reasons. A lack of activity may cause children to become more anxious and that anxiety may emotionally discourage children from becoming more active. This can be a vicious cycle for them and it’s important to break the cycle by doing more physical activity.

Improved Relationships With Others- children who always stay indoors may be unable to make new friends and they can feel lonely. If children share physical activities regularly, they will have a sense of companionship and belonging. With shared experiences, it is easier for children to work towards common goals and they develop good rapports. Children will have more confidence to provide suggestions and speak up in a classroom setting.

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