The Main Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a flexible method of producing plastic parts and has many advantages compared to other methods. The process is simpler than other methods, along with being extremely efficient. Injection molding companies can help you get started with the process.

Fast Production: The process of plastic injection molding is extremely fast when compared to other methods. The high production output also means it’s efficient and cost effective. The speed will depend on the size and complexity of the mold, but there will only be about 15 to 120 seconds between the cycle time. With shorter cycle times, more molds can be produced, which increases profit margins.

Handle Complex Part Design: The process can handle extremely complex parts and uniformity. However, in order to optimize the effectiveness of a high volume injection, key design elements should be taken into account. Injection molding companies and experts agree that a part design will need to be developed to maximize efficiency. With the right design, even complex pats can be made with quality and consistency. Some of the design elements include rib design, boss design, corner transitions, and wall thickness.

Enhanced Strength: Strength is a key factor when determining the design of a plastic injection mold part. Designers should know if the part needs to be rigid or flexible, and understanding how the customer is going to use this part will be helpful. By finding the right balance of design, it will address the part’s need for stability and strength. Material selection will also play a role in the strength of a part.

Flexibility: There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to the material and color for a project. With so many advances in polymers in the past few years, there are now a number of different resins available to use. It’s important to choose the right resin for the project and you will need to keep some variables in mind. These variables are tensile strength, impact strength, water absorption, and heat deflection. Plastics can be colored with different color systems, which each offer their own unique benefits and properties.

Less Waste: When looking for injection molding companies, find a company that commits to green manufacturing initiatives, as this will signify a commitment to sustainability and quality. During the process, there is excess plastic that is generated, so you want to look for a company that has a system in place to recycle the plastic. The most eco-friendly companies will use machinery to minimize waste, packaging, and transportation.

Low Labor Costs: Labor costs are usually low when it comes to plastic injection molding, which is contrary to other types of molding. The ability to produce parts with a high output rate also contributes to the effectiveness and cost efficiency.

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