Tips For How to Submit Music to Record Labels

If you’re an aspiring musician and want to get your music heard by the right people, here are a few tips for how to submit your music to record labels. Most record labels get hundreds of submissions a day, and they simply don’t have time to respond to every single one. So, the best way to go about it is to submit regularly. Submitting to smaller labels may be easier, as their submission emails are often public. However, big labels may not make their contact information readily available. Consequently, you will have to locate and submit music to a&r directly.

You should also look for blogs that feature similar types of music to your own. If you’re unsure of which blogs to check, try searching for those that feature similar types of music and making notes about them. One of the best ways to find blogs is Hype Machine, a website that collects the latest posts from hundreds of indie music blogs. Make sure to follow the blogs that feature similar music and note the links in your submission. This way, you’ll get a better chance of getting featured in these blogs.

When submitting to radio stations, be aware that some may censor your music. You should note down the qualities of your music in your submission before sending it. For example, radio stations might not allow you to submit a track that contains swearing or is too long. Most radio stations will expect a press kit when you submit your music, including links to your songs and social media profiles. If your submission is accepted, consider hiring a radio plugger who has contacts in the music industry.

A PR company can help you reach larger blogs and music magazines. This can save you time and energy, and give you some decent press. Before trying to get some press, make sure your music is at pro-level. While you can outsource your mastering and mixing, you must be well versed in every aspect of music-making. Then, you can start getting more exposure! Keep reading to find out how to submit music to record labels!

Submitting your music to radio stations is an important process, but with persistence, you can get your song played on various radio stations. If your submission is selected, you will likely be interviewed by a radio station and get exposure! And that’s the best part! So, don’t give up just yet! There are still many other ways to submit your music to radio stations. And don’t forget to have fun with the process! It’s worth the effort.

Before you submit your music to radio stations, make sure you study their criteria. Oftentimes, radio stations check out social media sites and other aspects of an artist’s career. Avoid common mistakes with social media and start small. This will allow you to experiment without the big consequences. The next time you feel confident about your music, remember to follow up with a follow-up email or call. Just remember that the better you prepare yourself, the better.

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