CBD stores, the paradise of “green” varieties

If you are reading these lines, then, chances are that you too are always on the hunt for the best deals in the field of light cannabis or CBD (cannabidiol) products in general.


You will therefore have plundered the net and made your own personal list of the CBD stores that personally inspire you most confidence. But before you go to see so many of the products available on this cbd store or the other one you need to ask yourself a fundamental question? Somewhat like when deciding to buy a new car or any kind of other product, the important question is “what are my needs” and “what exactly am I looking for from this product”?


If, for example, you are looking for something soft that will suit both “novices” and more “seasoned” customers then you will be able to rely on the Indoor line. As easily guessed from the name, that line consists of plants grown indoors in a controlled environment and under the persistent light of lamps. Among the workhorses of this line we particularly suggest the varieties Amnesia, Strawberry OG and so on.


Again in this regard, those who are instead looking for a product with the best quality-price ratio, then, will know how to enjoy Greenhouse. First of all, the plants in this line have been grown inside carefully controlled greenhouses. In this way you will be sure to have on your hands a certified and researched product and, consequently, healthy and safe. Especially recommended for those who wish to buy in large quantities so as never to be short of “supplies.”


Let us now turn to two poles that are practically the opposite of each other. That is, those who are looking for an inexpensive product and those who are willing to spend more to get the top of the line.


For those who want to spend little, but also for those who are loyal consumers, a valuable resource consists of the Small Buds and the Trimmed Buds , which, in addition to being the newest line, are much smaller and come already chopped for greater convenience of the end consumer.


The opposite case, as mentioned above, is the one concerning the most demanding consumers who have no problem spending a few Euros more to have in their hands one of the best products on the market. Well, in this case one must literally “sling” on the Hydro Indoor! Since the method of cultivation is even more careful and the effects of the active ingredients are longer lasting, the prices are obviously higher, but let us remind you that this line is the top of the line also because it is particularly suitable for those who suffer from certain allergies.


In short, if it is the choice itself that is “limited” by causes beyond one’s control and one has a fair amount of money, why go crazy?


Finally, we would like to remind you that, in order to understand which of the many qualities of CBD-based products can be found in the various specialized online stores, you can always do some small tests to figure out the most recommended flavors right away!

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