Ventura County Septic Tank Inspection

Many people have never had a septic tank inspection. When the time comes to have one done, they want to know what’s involved. Experts recommend having your septic tank inspection Ventura County residents every three to five years, depending on how many people are living in the home.

Septic Tank Inspection Ventura County

The first thing you should know is that it is important to choose your septic tank inspector wisely. Ask to see a potential inspector’s credentials before allowing them to inspect your septic tank.

There are two types of septic tank inspections, a visual inspection, and a full inspection.

Visual Septic Tank Inspection

Visual inspections are done by home inspectors. Sometimes the inspection is provided by a septic company in order to complete the legal requirements of buying or selling a home. Visual inspections are limited in nature and consist of running water faucets in the house and flushing toilets. If there is no backup in the plumbing and water does not appear in the absorption area, it is assumed that the septic tank is sufficiently clear and running properly.

This type of inspection is only done when there is no reason to suspect that there may be a problem with the septic tank or the ability of the system, in general, to drain properly. There are many problems that could be present, which a visual inspection cannot detect. They include;

  • Leaking
  • Tank is overfull
  • Root ingrowth
  • Backflow
  • The presence of baffles
  • Secure dividing wall
  • Corrosion
  • Thick sludge in the tank
  • Tank size

If the system is more than ten years old, the plumbing is backing up, there is a detectable sewer smell, or if there are any other suspicious symptoms, then a full inspection is probably necessary.

Full Septic Tank Inspection

In a full inspection, the septic tank is opened and the level of the contents is checked. From there, a professional can determine whether the tank is leaking or overfull. If the water level is normal, water will be added to check that the system is flowing normally into the tank from the home.

The tank is then pumped down in order to check for backflow coming from the absorption area. Flow coming from the house is checked to see that the plumbing is properly connected or if any blockages are present.

Every tank should be pumped out every three to five years unless the tank has been pumped recently and no solid matter is present in the tank. Another reason to forgo pumping is if the system experiences a failure prior to pumping the tank.

Your septic tank inspector should ask a number of questions regarding the past and present use of the system and prior maintenance. Understanding Ventura County regulations is important, which is why it’s best to hire professional septic technicians.


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