Web.com Reviews Shares Unsolved Mysteries You May Have Never Heard Of


The world is a unique place filled with mysteries that are incomprehensible to the human mind. Some of them are buried deep in the layers of history, while others are still being investigated without any definite answers. Web.com Reviews has compiled a list of some of the most looked into mysteries of all time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Mysteries

  1. The Icebox Murders- The story is not meant for the weak-heart, so reader discretion is advised. The event revolves around how Charles Roger allegedly killed his parents before fleeing from the premises.

After Christopher Rogers and Edwin Ivor Rogers were killed and dismembered, they were stored in the family refrigerator. It is believed that Charles committed the act out of rage. He was kind to his mother, whom he beat and shot to death. However, in the case of the father, he supposedly hit the man with a hammer, gouged his eyes out and cut off his genitals. 

Investigators have found no reason which could have led to such acts. Charles allegedly fled to Central America and was legally declared dead in 1975. There are rumors that state he was involved with the C.I.A. had a connection in the Kennedy Assassination.

  1. Ourang Medan- The story about the Ourang Mean is a spooky one that has a supernatural vibe to it. Although there is a rational explanation, the eerie perspective is much more interesting.

American vessels were navigating through the strait running in between Malaysia and Singapore. The year was 1947, and during their voyage, the ships received a transmission from the Ourang Medan. The message read, “S.O.S. from the Ourang Medan. We float. All officers, including the Captain, dead in the chatroom and on the bridge. Probably whole crew of dead. I die.”

The nearby ships managed to find the source of the transmission and boarded the mysterious vessel to be greeted with a horrific sight. There were multiple corpses with their mouths and eyes gaping open to an endless chasm. Before further investigation could be initiated, the ship caught fire and exploded as the borders left the vehicle.

A famous story explains that the ship was carrying dangerous cargo. As a result, it went undocumented by the government. Somehow, the shipment leaked into the vessel causing so many deaths.

The Ourang Medan has become a famous story among sailors, one that can still be heard today.

  1. James Worson- On the 3rd of September 1873, runner James Worson participated in a race. There was an intersection where runners had to pass through a forest. Two of James’s friends Braham Wise and Hammerson Burns decided to follow into the woods.

James was losing his footing as he was tired from his long run. However, instead of collapsing or seeing him fall to the ground, both friends heard a blood-curdling scream. The camera they carried along with themselves stopped working, and the search revealed nothing. Even the rescue dogs refused to approach the place where he allegedly disappeared. 


According to Web.com Reviews, these are some of the most commonly discussed mysteries mentioned on the internet. There is no end to the number of spooky stories on the web, and these will surely spike your curiosity to go ahead and start exploring more of them.

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