Why SEO Matters and How an SEO Company Can Boost your Salt Lake City Business


As a business owner, your efforts are constantly pulled in multiple directions. You spend your precious time on the big picture items like innovation, employee management, and community-building, so you may wonder why a little three-letter acronym like SEO is so important. Or perhaps you know it matters, but aren’t sure why or what you can do about it. If you find yourself in either of these positions, know you are certainly not alone.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it can spell the difference between customers instantly clicking on your website the moment they go searching or never learning that your company even exists. When Google and other search engines determine which websites to show internet-searchers and which to bury, they use a certain algorithm to determine how useful a website is. Search Engine Optimization tells the search engine algorithm that your company’s website is valuable and has exactly what your customers are looking for. Furthermore, search optimization can have a huge impact on local business-building and specifically drive Salt Lake City-based clients right to you. With the world moving more digital by the day, a strong online presence is crucial to attracting business. And SEO is what can make or break your online presence.

Unfortunately, understanding why Search Engine Optimization matters and implementing it well are two very different things. If you have the time and energy to try it out on your own, the internet is filled with tips and tricks to sort through and try. However, if you are like the majority of Salt Lake City business owners who would rather leave this to a professional, this is where an SEO company comes in.

Just like your company is specialized and services a specific niche, a CEO company centers everything it does around making sure that its clients show up in search engine searches. From tailoring the language of your website, to writing SEO-driven articles and blog posts for your business, to creating compelling video content that attracts clicks, an SEO company works to bring your customers straight to you so that you can focus elsewhere. In addition, most of these companies can also assist you with other digital marketing needs such as social media management, online advertising, and website design. They’ll create an individualized online marketing plan specific to the needs of your Salt Lake City business.

The bottom line is— Search Engine Optimization matters and no matter your business situation, an SEO company can help.

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