Why You Should Not Play Poker

You have probably dreamed of becoming a professional poker player. On the surface, it looks like a great way of making a living. However, even though poker players look glamourous from the outside, deep down it is so much different.

It is only a tiny percentage of poker players who make a living out of it. Some go broke and have to take a job to build their bankroll and some resort to begging from other players to survive the game. 

Here is some highlights of why you are better off not playing poker. 

The long hours at the table

It is only a handful of judi online players who chose when to play. If you are a professional player, you need to play whenever the best game is. This implies that in case the game is running at midnight to the wee hours of the morning, you need to be there. 

Sometimes pro poker plays sit at the table for 10 straight hours. Let say after those hours two big shots sit at the table with huge bankrolls. This means you will keep sitting there shooting at their cash for as long as it takes. 

For pro players, the luxury of getting away from the game and taking a stroll or breaks. They are always scouting for the best game and chances to win. 

Danger of Depression

With the high risk involved in poker, there are chances that players will slide into depression. Sometimes even professional poker players have a losing streak which if not well managed could lead to lose of a great deal of money and drive one into depression.

Lot of Travel

For many professional poker players, travelling to cities holding big tournaments is common. You need to go where the best game is in order to maximize the profits. For some players, they go to big private games with rich individuals who are not so good at the game. They need to be in such places to take advantage of the situation. 

Find the best games needs you will always be on the move. This is both exhausting and emotionally draining. There is little time for time with family of friends. 

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