4 Big Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting In 2021

Are you looking for professional help to manage your WordPress website efficiently? If yes, you need to choose a well-managed WordPress hosting plan that offers both backup support and application-level services for your website. Such a plan includes structuring of servers and other resources in a way that ensures optimisation of your WordPress site. Managed hosting involves a lot of other services and support that allow you to focus on the growth of your business and not deal with the maintenance of your website. 

Why Choose Fully Managed WordPress Hosting In 2021

Full Support

The major advantage of opting for a fully managed hosting plan is that you get full support for managing and running your WordPress website. The expert team on the hosting provider’s would be well versed with the functioning of the WordPress sites and will be able to handle any aspect that relate to it. The experts can recognize a potential plugin, choosing from newer themes, identifying a server-level issue and ways to deal with them.

By opting for managed WordPress hosting, you can be assured of the best support for your website,letting you focus on other aspects of running and growing your business.

High Security

The level of security offered by a hosting provider is a prime consideration in your online presence. Managed hosting plans generally come with daily backups of your website, thereby enabling its easy restoration if something goes wrong. The servers used by managed hosting providers are also optimized for WordPress security thereby, doing away with the need for security plugins.

Other features, like strong password enforcement, two-factor authentication, and malware protection, also play an important role in boosting the security of your website.

Better Performance

Since all the resources are tuned to match the requirements of a WordPress site, a managed hosting plan will ensure that your website performs well, has a better uptime, and sees its pages load quickly.

The hosting provider understands the various types of WordPress themes &plugins on your website and knows how to optimise their performance. Plus, all the aspects of server maintenances are taken care of by the hosting service provider.

Local and Staging Environment

Managed WordPress hosting plans in India come with the local environment and staging areas that allow you to test new plugins or other changes that you may wish to introduce to your website. These WordPress staging areas are a copy of your website in a development environment, allowing you to experiment while keeping the actual site safe. Such plans also allow you to develop your site in a local environment, test it in a staging environment before pushing it into production.

Since the fully managed WordPress hosting takes care of all aspects of running your website, including updates, you can be assured that it will be managed well. Your managed hosting service provider will also offer hosting dashboards that can provide you with stats on visitors to your site or out-of-date plugins and many other useful information.

These plans can also take care of an uptick in your website’s traffic by adjusting the resources automatically. Although these hosting plans are costlier than the shared hosting options, they offer high value and make life easier for you.


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