Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy and Safe Usage

The Internet has had a significant impact on society and how humans communicate, socialize, and conduct business. People who fully grasped the potential of new technologies received numerous benefits from them in many ways.

Cyberspace is perhaps one of the most significant inventions of the late twentieth (20th) century. While society has significantly benefitted from the technology, people have fallen victim to the new applied science’s perils. Industrial advancements, indeed, profited humanity, but some negative social change also occurred.

Technological advancements such as the Internet created a world where people can live in an interactive virtual reality. It does not only create new communication methods but allowed humanity to form online relationships worldwide. The concept of social interaction changed entirely as well. This social modification even affected all facets of human life. That is why several individuals say that new technology may have also alternated the very essence of human society.

Changes cannot be avoided, most preferably when the world is advancing. However, these modifications are for the better. Although some people have fallen into the wrong social circles because of their technological advancements, numerous individuals became better educated in social activities.

Despite the dispute in the social changes that have occurred, nobody can neglect how it strengthened eCommerce.

Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) connotes the buying and selling of products and services using the Internet. Transferring of money and data to execute transactions also intensified than usual. Retrieving sales and consumers buying what they want and need in only one click turned out to be supremacy in the market. 

Nonetheless, the only drawback in this advancement is the numerous exploitative deceivers who mislead people to obtain easy money. Thus, authorities have permitted mobile call monitoringWhatsApp monitoring, and archiving of messages. Through these, preventing defrauders take advantage of innocent individuals is vivid – it already can be avoided.

With the innovation of eCommerce, read the infographic below as TeleMessage compares all the chat applications encryption, privacy, and safe usage:


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