Don’t Throw Out that Old Food Processor Yet!

For the past 2 years, I’ve been something of a “modern nomad.” I’m a photographer, and I’m currently living in an RV while I work on a photo series documenting small town America. Living in an RV has made me embrace minimalism (mostly because there’s no room, like, anywhere) — I buy very few clothes, I keep very few keepsakes in my RV, and I try to repair everything I can instead of buying new. 

In fact, there is only one category where I haven’t fully embraced the “repair, don’t replace” mindset: kitchen appliances. My kitchen tools are a necessity to me, one of the few creature comforts I allow myself in the van. When something breaks, I usually shell out for another one — I figure they’re too important to go without. And no appliance has been more important to me than my Cuisinart food processor. I literally use it daily for all kinds of tasks — making smoothies, sauces, even my own almond butter from time to time! 

I was actually in the process of making almond butter when my food processor broke. I must have added too many almonds too quickly, because one of the blades snapped right off into the mixture! I was very upset, because I knew that meant I’d need to spend extra cash and get a new processor ASAP… but then I had a thought: couldn’t I just replace the blade?

Call it the minimalist in me, but I just couldn’t justify getting a whole new machine when my current one was only missing one part. I figured the idea was at least worth a Google search — and sure enough, I stumbled onto Kitchen Works USA!

I was so excited to see that Kitchen Works provides Cuisinart food processor replacement parts for a variety of models. The breakdown of each model on their website made it easy to find the right blade for me, and their prices were reasonable (way better than buying a new machine). Best of all, the parts are high-quality, straight from Cuisinart themselves, so you know that they’re going to withstand heavy use for a long time (just go easy on the almond butter). 

I was able to find the blade that suited my food processor, ship it to a friend’s house who lived near where I was staying, and pick it up with plenty of time to drive to my next photoshoot location. The blade was in great condition and works perfectly with my existing machine. Just like that, I was back to my daily routine, with all my favorite meals back on the menu!

Seriously, if your food processor is broken in any way, DON’T THROW IT OUT AND BUY A NEW ONE YET! Instead, hop online and replace the broken parts of your machine with Kitchen Works USA. I can guarantee you’ll get a high-quality, compatible part, and your purchase will be better for everyone: you’ll save money (good for you), you’ll support a small business (good for them), and you’ll help keep plastic out of our landfills (good for the environment). 


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