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Finally, it is essential to learn about the forces involved. Which players are injured / suspended? How important are these absentees? For this, this site is very reliable. A single player is able to carry his team. Thus, between 1998 and 2006, the French Football Team was very dependent on Zinedine Zidane. Between 2012 and 2016, we talked about Libra-dependence PSG. Without these players, the teams did not have the same performance.

Spot the value bets

Value bet is a bet whose odds have been overvalued by bookmakers. So, imagine a match France – Italy. You estimate that Italy has 1 in 3 chance of beating France. Bookmakers offer a rating of 5 on Italy. The coast of Italy is therefore a value to you.

If, in addition, the French players are deprived of several important players while Italy is complete, the odds Transalpine becomes even more valuable. Betting on Italy will certainly be a risk but you should consider placing a bet on this match. With 토토 you can have the best choices now.

Minimize the risk of loss

Bet on football has a very random side because a team can dominate the meeting without managing to win. Moreover, unlike some sports, draws are very common on football. To insure his back, it may be necessary to cover himself with minimal risk.

For this, there are different types of bets like the bet paid off if draw. Many bookmakers offer it. It allows, as the name suggests, to be refunded in case of a draw.

France faces Spain and the best Spanish striker is out of bounds. You see the Blues win but you are afraid that La Roja plays the defense. In this case, opt for the “refunded if void” bet.

If you exclude a Spanish victory but you think the draw is quite conceivable, in this case, opt for the double chance bet. This pronoun allows you to bet, at the same time, on two possible outcomes of a match. You have, theoretically, two chances out of three to win your bet.

For the refunded if null and double chance, the odds are lower but your risk of loss are also limited.

Avoid handsets

Sports betting strategy

Who has not dreamed of passing a combined of ten selections with a rating greater than 100?

However, the probability of passing this type of bet is minimal. If you want to build a winning strategy for long-term sports betting, you will need to avoid big handsets at all costs. Only use single or combined bets of two or even three selections.

Indeed, bookmakers lose much more money on single bets than on combined bets. The first reason for this is that single bets very often have a higher probability of success. In addition, you should know that on every bet you make, bookmakers take a margin via the odds.


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