Houston Holdings – Why You Should Consider Houston For Your Startup

Houston is one of the best cities in the United States for making a base of operations for your startup. The city happens to be home to several Fortune 500 companies and is also in proximity to many natural resources which, depending on your industry, could be attractive. As the second-largest state in the United States, the local market also offers enormous opportunities.

The first place you need to start when considering the city is looking for office space for rent in Houston. It makes the most sense to opt for a premium provider of office space rentals that can provide support and a host of other benefits to boost your business. Beyond that, Houston also offers a lot more that can give your startup a great chance at success.

Let’s look at some specific reasons why you should consider Houston for your startup.

The Benefits Of A Great Location

Premium providers of coworking and serviced office spaces such as Servcorp offer these services in the Houston area. By choosing to go with a premium provider, you can reap the benefits of being located right in the heart of the central business and financial center of the city. Renting space here is a great way to network and make new connections as well as integrate yourself into the city’s cultural life.

The Servcorp offices are found at the Bank of America Center which is a prestigious 56-storey building textured in red granite. Your startup can reap the reputation and credibility benefits from working out of such an illustrious building at rates that are far more affordable than renting out a traditional office building.

 Top-Tier Business Culture

Houston, like the rest of Texas, has a very can-do attitude when it comes to business. Locals are not only friendly but are very open-minded when it comes to innovative business ideas. The city is known for its medical industry and startups in this field can thrive in the area. Nanotechnology is also an emerging industry in Texas and Houston in particular. Beyond these industries, however, Houston also offers an impressive support structure of legal and economic professionals who can assist your startup with getting organised and implementing your plans.

In Houston, you can also expect to find more explicit support that your startup needs to succeed. This can come from a variety of sources but one of them will certainly be your premium office rental provider. If you are new to the area, you can have instant access to a professional administrative team including a receptionist and IT support to get you connected and online right away.

Money Matters

Houston is a great place to find the flexibility you need as a startup. Offices and professional services from premium providers can be found on a month-by-month basis, an essential option for those with limited startup capital. While some of the office complex real estate prices are prohibitively expensive, you can benefit by renting office space only on an as-needed basis. Do some research and explore your options before settling into a space. With some planning and preparation, you can move right into a space that is already equipped with all the office infrastructure you need to get established.

 A Thriving Economy

Overall, the economic outlook for Houston continues to look positive. While some indicators suggest that growth in employment is slowing, this is not a problem for savvy entrepreneurs who are keen on starting out on their own. For all these benefits, Houston represents an attractive place for startups in a variety of industries.

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