Jeep Compass – Petrol or Diesel, Which One to Buy?

The jeep compass is proven to be a hit model of a jeep. From July 2017, jeep compass has sold around 19,000 units in India. Jeep compass is a luxury compact SUV and the jeep compass on road price is around 15 to 20 lakhs.

However, in India compass jeep is available with 2 engines (2.0 litre of diesel engine and 1.4 litres of petrol engine). Here, is an article in which we will discuss petrol and diesel jeep compass. So, that it becomes easy for you to make a choice which one to buy and which not? Have a closer look at the article to know which jeep compass is better.


Diesel engine: The jeep compass having diesel as fuel type has 1956cc of the engine. This is a jeep having 4 cylinders Inline and 4 valves too. The diesel engine also has DOHC too.

Petrol engine: The jeep compass having petrol as fuel type has 1368cc of the engine. Petrol jeep also has 4 Inline cylinders and 4 valves too.

By reading the engine capacity we get to know that the diesel jeep engine is more powerful. To know the jeep on-road price for diesel, you can check on the browser.


Diesel Engine: The diesel jeep compass has ARAI mileage of 17.1 km/l with a maximum power of 171 Bhp @ 3750 rpm. On the other hand, the maximum torque power is around 350 Nm @ 1750 rpm.

Petrol Engine: The petrol jeep compass has ARAI mileage of 14.3 km/l with a maximum power of 160 Bhp @ 3750 rpm. Therefore, the maximum torque power is around 250 Nm @ 1750 rpm. Again the Diesel engine jeep compass is found to be better. To know the jeep compass on road price in India, you can go to a nearby showroom.


Both the jeep compass have Manual 6 transmission and are turbocharged also. So, in this point, both the jeeps are having a tie just because of the same capacity.

Check the jeep price on road, if you are willing to buy it.


To know the price of the top model jeep, go and check the jeep compass top model on-road price.

Diesel Engine: The length of Diesel engine jeep compass is 4395 mm whereas the width is 1818 mm. Both the compass jeep have the same length and width but their body weight has a difference. The bodyweight of diesel engine jeep compass is around 1537 kg. Therefore, this bodyweight makes the jeep difficult to drive.

Petrol Engine: Jeep compass having petrol as base variant has the same length and width as of diesel engine. But the bodyweight is around 1457 kg. Petrol jeep is lighter than the diesel one. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to drive.

Check the on-road price of jeep compass before buying it.

After reading the article, we have come to a point that diesel jeep compass is more good than the petrol one. So, if you are thinking to buy a jeep you then you should go for a diesel one.

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