Jim Mayoros is Adding WiFi To The St. George RV Park

Heading out to spend a few nights in an RV Park is practically a tradition for most American families. Driving across the country to see the local attractions and parking in a safe and secure RV park is all just a part of summer vacation.

Although the goal of most parents is to spend time The best US national parks to visit with their kids and to lessen screen time, there’s no denying that everyone relies on the internet from time to time. Plus, it is easier to convince the kids to get excited about the RV trip when there is a promise of a stable internet connection.

Instead of blowing up your phone bill with excessive use of data, Jim Mayoros and all those involved with the St. George RV Park renovations have provided families with a solution: WiFi.

Outdoor Feel With Modern Comforts

The St. George RV Park is considered as one of the best RV Parks in Utah, and probably the rest of the country. Its beautiful natural landscape is one that James Mayoros has worked hard to maintain for years. Due to its amazing views of nature, campers from all over the country make it a point to stop by while they are in Utah.

There are short-term and long-term rental options, but many who try one night are always tempted to stay longer because of all the comforts and amenities offered by the park.

Aside from the typical RV hookups that are found in nearly every RV park in the US, St. George offers so much more. James Mayoros and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure the park grounds is up to date with the latest wants and needs of every camper.

Available Amenities

Upon booking a space for your RV, guests are given access to basic hookups for their camper. At the park grounds, guests can easily charge their RV, fill up on water, and also dispose of all waste in a safe, sanitary, and convenient manner. This is a must-have for all RV travelers and St. George is happy to provide.

Besides these basics, everyone who is staying at the St. George RV Park can now access cable TV, clean bathrooms, the use of the BBQ patios, and best of all the free WiFi. When you are at the park, there is no need to completely fall off the grid. Kids and their parents can catch up on their daily dose of internet use before marveling at the night sky.

Jim Mayoros himself encourages guests to explore other amenities such as the spacious picnic areas and shaded grounds to soak up everything the RV Park has to offer.

Park Staff Are Ready To Help

Guests who happen to drop by the RV Park without any plans in mind don’t have to worry. There are local park staff that are ready to give their recommendations for sights to see, places to visit. To help start off the list, visit the Vegas & Zion National Park which is just a short drive away.

Don’t forget to connect to the WiFi and share your park experience with the rest of the world!
James Mayoros purchased St. George RV Park in 2016 and has been renovating the facility since. Jim Mayoros is now adding WiFi to the park to make sure you stay connected while having fun with family and friends.

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