Why Family Pictures Are Important To Improve Bond Between Family Members

There are not enough words to describe how important family is. More than just sharing the same blood, being with family members is when you should feel safe and comfortable the most.

Did you know that there are many more ways to improve the bond between family members? And one of which is taking and displaying family pictures, especially during special occasions (this is why giving out Christmas picture frames is a popular tradition during the holiday season).

For this particular blog, we will be discussing how family portraits are pivotal in solidifying one’s filial relationship.

The Effect of Family Photographs

Perhaps one of the most beautiful inventions men have ever made is the camera. It can capture life’s best moments, and the images it produces are a great way to treasure and relive important memories in one’s life.

Have you ever wondered why families spend time and money to take photos of themselves and have them printed and displayed through photo frames? Or how this particular behavior becomes even more heightened during special holidays? Don’t you agree how Christmas picture frames bearing family portraits are a staple when the holiday season strikes?

It’s because of its positive effect on a family’s bond. Especially for the children, seeing family pictures on display evokes a strong sense of belongingness. Family members feel reassured that a group of people is there to value them and give them importance — someone who will be there for them even when other people turn their backs on them.

In fact, in a 1975 study conducted by Tulane University found out that children who saw family pictures tend to have higher self-esteem compared with others. They are also less prone to be affected by peer pressure once they get older.

Having the photos printed and touched is also a much more effective way to reach such benefits. According to experts, prints simulate the brain more compared to when a person is just seeing photos digitally. So, next time you take a photo, it’s much better to print them and put them on frames than just save them on your mobile phone or laptop.

Tips On Maximizing This Effect of Family Snaps

By knowing the positive impact of family photos, it’d be no wonder why many people shell out cash for picture frames and those thematic ones (e.g. Christmas picture frames). But, do you want to maximize this effect of family portraits? Here are some tips:

Strategically put them on display. As mentioned above, printing photos and putting them in frames bring more perks than their digital counterparts. To take this a few notches higher, these frames should also be displayed strategically — like in the living room, a child’s bedroom, and the kitchen.

Let the kids identify themselves in the photos. This is important in shaping a person’s sense of identity. It also helps develop their brain and memory.

Document both special and candid moments. Doing so will help encourage family members to cherish the moments they share — big or small. Looking through these images and recalling memories also serve as a great bonding experience among people.

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