Keeping Your Health With Family Medicine Care By Dr Lane Sebring

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Family medicine doctors are trained to treat the whole person and they know that physical health is connected to emotional, mental and spiritual health and can help you prevent sickness before it happens. 

If you have a family doctor, he or she will be able to help with nearly any health issue that comes up in your life from an earache to a broken leg or even cancer.

Are Trained To Treat The Whole Person

That means they can help you with many different health issues, including mental health and chronic conditions as well as they also know how to deal with acute health problems that come up in your life.

Family medicine doctors like Dr Lane Sebring have special training in primary care, which means they have experience seeing patients of all ages from infants through seniors. 

They’re used to treating patients who have multiple medical problems like diabetes and high blood pressure at once or over time. 

This type of doctor will be able to work with other specialists if needed such as an orthopedist, but most family medicine doctors are trained as generalists who provide most of their own care instead of 

Family Medicine Centers Provide A Full Range Of Medical Care

Many family medicine centers have a number of different specialists available on site or nearby and this can save you time and money, since you don’t have to go from doctor to doctor for different treatments. 

If your family has special needs or health goals that require extra attention and care such as caring for an elderly parent or managing diabetes, a family medicine center is an excellent place to get it all under one roof. 

They Can Help You Prevent Sickness Before It Happens

They’ll give advice on how to stay healthy and live a long, healthy life and family doctors can also help you avoid chronic diseases that are preventable like diabetes and high blood pressure and they’ll make sure that you get all the vaccinations that keep you safe from common illnesses like the flu or measles. 

They’ll also monitor any prescription drugs that you take, so that if there’s an interaction between two medicines.

Find A Family Medicine Practice That Is

  • Find a doctor like Dr Lane Sebring who is right for you and you want to make sure that the doctor has experience treating the types of health issues that concern you most. 

If they do not have experience with your specific situation, they may be able to refer you out to another specialist who can provide more specialized care and attention.

  • Find a doctor who is friendly and easy to talk with and when visiting with your primary care physician, it’s important that he or she listens carefully so as not to miss any details about your condition or symptoms and also because it helps put patients at ease
  • Be sure that this PCP will spend enough time with each patient during an appointment; ideally 30 minutes per visit would be ideal but anything over 15 minutes should suffice depending on what type of problem

If necessary due to time constraints due other patients waiting outside their door beforehand too long already then try booking earlier appointments before lunchtime instead this way everyone gets something done without having wasted precious seconds away from work

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