Know how playing games on Rummy Time is not a wastage of your time

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Online games have now become a great pastime for both adults and kids. By using diverse technologies and tools, developers have created online gaming platforms. Rummy Time and GetMega are two such platforms that feature a humongous number of games in real-time. Earlier online gaming was considered just a mere form of entertainment. But with changing time, this activity provides more advantages besides offering fun. Gaming apps and websites offer different genres of games based on customers’ preferences. While some people enjoy action-packed games others like to test their skills by playing skilled-based games. 

Nowadays many online gaming platforms also offer real money which people can earn by playing the various skilled-based games on their portals. These games can actually enhance one’s cognitive response and interpersonal skill development. Also, by playing such games individuals can meet new people and learn new strategies and tactics. Thus, it can be said that online gaming is not a waste of time. Rather it has many benefits. To understand this more clearly, you can refer this :

Rummy Time 

Rummy Time is an online gaming platform that provides different variants of the popular mind game, Rummy. This gaming app allows only real players to play games on its portal. Rummy Time’s leaderboard is very intriguing thus helping the users to keep a track of their performance as well as their opponents’ scores. The leaderboard of this app also puts up the cash prizes that a person can earn by contesting different Rummy tournaments and matches.  Further, Rummy Time gives a chance to the players to elevate their willpower with its responsive and seamless UI. Though the app provides more than one game, developers have insisted upon building a simple and easy-to-navigate User Interface. 

Since it is difficult to keep an eye on every move of the opponents, the gameplay that Rummy Time provides makes it happen in no time. With the different Rummy options, the gameplay also changes. Nonetheless, Rummy Time provides an intuitive gaming experience to the players. The payment alternatives available on this app make the transaction process fast and simple. Apart from earning cash prizes on winning a match, gamers can also earn a bonus by signing up on this platform for the first time. 


GetMega is an online gaming platform that is also a part of the All India Gaming Federation. The platform houses different games based on three broad categories, Cards, Casual and Trivia. Rummy, Poker, Warship, GoPool, Carrom, GK, PickMe and 123 are the well-known games of this platform. Like many gaming apps or websites, GetMega also allows only real players on its portal. People whose IDs have been verified via Google and Facebook accounts can participate in contesting the different games on this platform. With the 24×7 leaderboards, individuals can quickly catch a glimpse of their as well as their opponents’ current rankings and can focus on improving their strategies accordingly.  Further, GetMega’s User Interface is extremely intuitive which makes it easy for players to interact with the various games and earn. 

The developers of this app have made the key elements optimally displayed that helps gamers to entirely concentrate on the games without worrying about anything else. Further, by featuring vertical and horizontal gameplays, GetMega makes itself a very handy gaming platform. Considered to be the most rewarding gaming app in India, GetMega offers various sign-up bonuses and referral programs. With an RNG certification, this gaming app provides a safe and secure gaming environment for the players. 

Now that you know all about how online gaming is not a waste of time, browse through the above-mentioned gaming platforms and see which one offers you the best gaming experience in real-time.

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