Ready for Help? Make Sure You Get into the MBA Program You Want

A variety of schools offer MBA programs, but many applicants have one in mind they would prefer to get into. It can be difficult to get into an MBA program, especially at some of the more sought-after schools. Yet, getting into the MBA program of choice doesn’t need to be impossible. Applicants do have the ability to work with an MBA coach to get help through the whole application process. One of the ways they can get help is through tutoring.

What Exams are required?

Applicants can take the GRE or GMAT to apply for most MBA programs today, though some still require the GMAT instead of the newer GRE. Applicants should check with the school of choice to determine which test can be taken. If both are accepted, they’ll want to look into the requirements to pass and excel at each, so they can take the right one and get the highest score possible. It is important to remember, no matter which test is taken, the lowest score accepted by a particular program will be different from other programs.

Average Score for Exams

The GRE has scores ranging from 260 to 340 points, with 340 points being a perfect score. The average score is around 304. Those who do better than average on the exam have a higher chance of getting into their program of choice. GMAT exams are scored differently, with points available ranging from 200 to 800. An 800 would be a perfect score for the GMAT, on par with the perfect score for the GRE. For the GMAT, the average score is 556.

Studying for the Exams

Study guides are available for both exams, though they are limited in what they can cover and how much they can help. It is beneficial to review study guides to see what to expect from the tests and to learn as much as possible before going further. However, those who want the best scores possible and the highest chance of getting into their program of choice will want to learn more than the study guides offer.

How a Tutor Can Help

Beyond the study guides, working with a tutor can be incredibly beneficial. An MBA coach has experience with the exams offered and knows how to tutor their clients. This allows applicants to get help with topics they might not understand as well, plus find out more about what to expect when taking the exams and how to do better on them. The personalized advice and guidance can make a huge difference for those who are taking the GRE or GMAT.

If you’re trying to get into an MBA program, there is a lot of help available for every step of the process, including studying for the exams. You do not have to do everything on your own. Learn more now at Personal MBA Coach to find out what help is available and how you can get the right help from a coach to have a better chance of getting into your MBA program of choice.

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