Rylan Clark Banned from Tinder

Rylan Clark, TV presenter and one-time X Factor finalist has revealed that he has been banned from Tinder.

Rylan shared a screenshot on Instagram detailing his ban – the notification read, “Your account has been banned. Your Tinder profile has been banned for activity that violates our terms of use.”

It’s thought that Rylan jumped onto Tinder after splitting from his husband Dan Neal. Following the split, Rylan also received the bad news that his cooking show Ready Steady Cook would not be funded for a third series by the BBC.

So it seems that the Tinder ban added insult to injury, though Rylan took it in good humour with a crying laughing emoji accompanying his Instagram post.

It’s highly probable that the ban came from Tinder assuming Rylan wasn’t who he said he was. Cat-fishers often pose as celebrities in an effort to extort money and other things from users.

Anyway, Rylan is in good company following his ban; he’s certainly not the first celebrity to get the finger of doubt pointed at them on Tinder. Other notables include Sharon Stone, Sam Smith and Paulina Porizkova.

Whilst there’s no reason celebrities shouldn’t use Tinder, it’s also not surprising that they’re often called out on the popular dating app.

People wonder why someone with money and good looks are turning to online dating. But why not? Tinder and apps like it are full of successful people, it shouldn’t be a surprise if a celebrity wants to meet someone new!

Tinder – and in particular it’s executive team, haven’t always had a great reputation when it comes to telling the truth.

Look at Sean Rad. The co-founder of Tinder was embroiled in a shocking sexual harassment suit brought about against him and fellow co-founder Justin Mateen by a third co-founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd.

Wolfe Herd, it seems, had been dating Mateen during the trio’s rise to the top as Tinder began to flourish and when that relationship failed, Mateen – and Rad said and did some things to Wolfe-Herd which resulted in a private settlement.

The sexism and threats which Wolfe Herd suffered, shocked those in the know and Rad struggled to maintain his image in the months and years following the scandal.

He was in the press several times for his embarrassing misunderstandings and his oddness in general.

It doesn’t bode well for any executive in a position of trust when they don’t have a full grasp of what they’re saying and how it might make them appear to the public!

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