These Are The HTC Phones That Will Receive Android 9 Pie

In recent days we have known that Android 9 Pie is already official and we already know its main features. Some mobiles have already started updating to the new version of Google’s operating system, unlock phone features and will gradually reach more mobile phones of all brands. Some time ago, the update to Android 9 Pie had already started on the Nokia 7 Plus, but it is not the only brand.

There are some Sony mobiles that would receive Android 9 Pie in the coming months and also which BQ mobiles would do so soon. Today one more brand has announced its update to Android 9 Pie: HTC. In a tweet, HTC has confirmed which of its phones will update to the recent version released by Google, although at the moment we do not know exact dates.

We know that Sony will update their phones before Christmas and we know that BQ will update some of their phones but have not yet given exact dates. Of course, these four phones announced with Android 9 Pie are expected to update in the coming months before the Christmas holidays arrive. The HTC phones that will update to Android 9 Pie are:

  • HTC U12 +
  • HTC U11 Life
  • HTC U11 +
  • HTC U11

If you have any of these mobiles, you already know that you can receive your dose of Android 9 Pie with all the advantages that this entails. HTC has also decided to update mobiles that have been on the market for more than a year. The HTC U11, for example, which has strong unlock HTC qualities, was released in May 2017 so this is expected to be the last major update to receive the mobile phone.

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