Using Science-Based Recovery Methods

Addiction presents a difficult path for individuals who are ready to seek treatment and fight these demons. Over the years of addiction, the body changes in negative ways and must recover from the damage. Using a science-based recovery method helps the individual assess their health in addition to finding out how to recover from their addiction.

How the Substances Changes Your Brain?

A complete medical examination defines how much damage the patient has sustained through their addiction. Addiction causes changes in neuropathways that require a higher-than-average amount of dopamine and serotonin to be released into the body. The feel-good hormones are released when the individual uses alcohol or drugs. When they attempt to stop, the individual suffers severe withdrawal symptoms that are debilitating in some cases and prevent the individual from thinking about anything but using.

What Level of Dopamine is Achieved When Using?

Measuring the level of dopamine that is achieved when using determines what must be done to give the body the right amount each day of the recovery without the substance of choice. Achieving this balance helps the individual evade the impact of the addiction and recover more successfully. For some individuals, starting an exercise plan can balance out their dopamine levels and increase the production of the feel-good hormones.

However, this isn’t the answer for everyone. Reviewing options for balancing out the hormones in the body helps the individual determine the next step in their recovery and avoid more profound withdrawal symptoms that could lead them to use again. Individuals who want to review a science-based program can contact a recover center in Portsmouth right now.

How Much Has the Addiction Damaged Your Body?

A full evaluation of the body determines how much damage the addiction has caused. For example, alcoholics often sustain liver damage. Some even develop cirrhosis or liver cancer due to their addiction. Defining what damage has occurred and determining if there is a way to repair the body is critical to recovery. Medical treatment might be necessary for some patients to become healthier and survive after they have recovered successfully.

Understanding the patient’s exact health status shows them what they must do to become healthier and heal from the addiction. It also presents the individual with the tools they need to repair their bodies when possible. Science-based recovery programs include exercise and diet plans that improve the body.

Identifying the Steps for Becoming Healthier

Identifying the steps for becoming healthier shows the patient where their path begins. For addicts, it isn’t just physical recovery that they face. Some patients are battling deep-seated trauma that has caused them to use to forget the life events. Counseling can help the individual identify where their addiction started and how to cope with stressors in unique and healthier ways.

Addiction often leads to dangerous situations that cause the individual to hit rock bottom. It is at this stage of life that individuals discover why it is vital for them to get help. Individuals battling addiction can find out about a science-based recovery program by contacting a counselor now.

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