We Offer Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Crimes can rock the worlds of those most closely impacted by them, and they are not the people who should be responsible for cleaning up a crime scene. They have to deal with a range of emotions and other tasks that require their attention at an unpleasant time such as this. That is why we partner with local authorities and organizations to provide the best crime scene cleanup in the area. 

We have experience with a variety of types of crimes, including homicides and fights, that cause blood spills. Blood spills should only be cleaned up by professionals with the right training and equipment as they can contain blood borne pathogens that can possibly infect someone who comes into contact with the blood. 

Other similar types of situations we clean up are suicides and trauma scenes. These situations also often involve blood or other bodily fluid spills. We have the experience and skill to clean these up carefully and thoroughly. Unattended deaths are other scenes we clean up because the release of bodily fluids from a decomposing body that has not been discovered until much later after the death occurs presents a biological hazard. 

All of our technicians have receive training in cleaning up biologically hazardous situations, and they follow the letter of the law in cleaning these types of situations up so that the risk of infection is minimized, not only for themselves, but also for anyone who enters the scene.

We try our best to return a scene to its original state, but this is not always possible as some items at the scene are too contaminated to be recovered. They have to be disposed of, and these types of items include flooring, drywall, carpeting, and other items. The area is then made ready for restoration so that it is safe to be used again. 

Our clients are at the core of all that we do, and we work with a light footprint to respect their living and working spaces. We work discreetly to maintain their privacy and confidentiality as well. We usually arrive within an hour when we are called and finish cleaning within a few hours. We never sacrifice quality for speed, however, and the quality of our work is always impeccable. When you need crime scene cleanup, please get in touch, and we will be happy to be of service. 

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