What Does It Mean If They Say I Need More Tests?

The Federal work injury compensation process can feel like an unending series of hoops to jump through, and you would be forgiven for feeling like it’s just too much paperwork at times. Even going through the first bunch of tests and papers is a hassle. 

Understandably, most people who apply for it tend to balk when they hear doctors say the phrase, “You need more tests.” For many of them, it doesn’t make sense. It’s clear there’s an injury, so why is there a need for more testing? If you get this statement, here’s what you need to know…

Don’t Panic Over Money

The biggest worry about additional tests is the price, but this is really not something to be concerned about. More tests might be pricey, but the good news is that the costs will most likely be covered by Federal Employee Workers Compensation. 

Your Health May Hang In The Balance

Another major concern people have is that the testing could be indicative of additional damage. At times, this is true. Certain test results aren’t always enough for a solid diagnosis without secondary pieces of evidence. Other times, your test may suggest deeper damage than initially believed.

Believe it or not, this should be something that offers relief for you. It’s better to get news so you can treat injuries sooner rather than later. By getting more tests, offices like FedHelp make it possible to ensure you’ll get adequate treatment that is covered by your settlement. 

Understand That You Might Not Be Able To Refuse

Tests are one of the key factors that help determine whether or not your compensation application is granted. Though you can technically refuse to do the medical tests your center asks of you, choosing to do so will most likely cause your application to be rejected

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