Take Advantage of Our Automotive Franchises Opportunity in Jacksonville

When you’re ready to take advantage of our automotive franchises opportunity in Jacksonville, you’re starting out on the path to being your own boss. You’ll be more than just a business owner: you’ll do work that is fun and that empowers you to meet interesting people and to see their collectible vehicles up close and personal. 

With a background in the automotive industry, you’re the right person to be a professional car appraiser business owner. With your expertise, you can help people in your region by offering inspections and appraisals on classic cars and other custom vehicles. People will come to you for an appraisal to help them find the right amount to insure their vehicles for and to protect themselves in cases of bankruptcy, financial audits, etc. They also need appraisals when they want to donate their cars to charity and claim the donation on their taxes. 

Additionally, you’ll help people find the perfect vehicle to buy. If they are in the market for a classic or custom vehicle, then they need a pre-purchase inspection to ensure that there are no major problems with the vehicle. Even after an accident, you can be of help to someone with a classic or custom vehicle because you can tell them how much their vehicle was worth before the damage took place. This will help them file a diminished value claim if they were not at fault in the accident. 

You’ll have access to our database of comparable sales as a franchise owner so that you can use your knowledge with the latest market information to make an accurate determination of how much the vehicle is worth. 

We will train you in southern California to do an appraisal on many types of vehicles, including custom cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. You’ll have a territory that is just for you and get the national inquiries online received for that area. We provide support for many of the related overhead functions of the business, national advertising, and ongoing software development and updates for appraisals. We do production and distribution of appraisal reports for your customers in electronic and printed and bound reports. 

You’ll get credit card processing, IT infrastructure, a laptop computer, and a digital camera to take high-resolution photos for each of your appraisals as well. You’ll also have unlimited corporate support to help you start your business and start it. You’ll have it going well in no time. 

When you are ready to take advantage of our automotive franchises opportunity in Jacksonville, give us a call. You’ll start a new career to provide individuals around the nation with appraisals to help them make the right choice of whether to buy a particular vehicle and to get the right insurance coverage.

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