The Perfect Use of the Sex Toys Now

That’s it, you finally decided on your own or as a couple: you are going to treat yourself to a sex toy. Only, its arrival on the website or in the shop is impossible to choose. What form? What material? What use? Follow our tips to find the model that’s right for you.

Zoom On The Material

If the form matters a lot, since it depends on your pleasure, the very material of your future toy is a criterion not to be overlooked. Prefer instead silicone sex toys, easier to wash and less irritating than latex ones. Above all, avoid petroleum-smelling “rubber jelly” sex toys, the phthalates of which are potentially carcinogenic endocrine disruptors.

Similarly, it is better to opt for a flexible model rather than a rigid sex toy, which may not adapt sufficiently to your anatomy and hurt you.

Finally, be sure to anticipate the cleaning of your new toy, favoring the models that can be passed underwater or partially disassembled without drowning the engine or the batteries.

For Solo Or Couple Pleasure

Now that you know which subject to focus on, focus on what you want to do with it. Do you want a Sex Toy to have fun solo or to spice up your romantic lovemaking? If you are looking for solitary pleasure, dildos, vibrators or geisha balls are to be preferred, as well as clitoral stimulators. However, they can be used in pairs to prolong the pleasure.

On the couple side, the vibrating egg which is inserted into the vagina and activated by a remote control will be welcome for accomplice couples eager for pleasure prohibited in unusual places. To get down to business, the U-shaped couple stimulator will make the relationship a little more vibrant and exciting for both partners. One of the two tips is positioned in the vagina in contact with the penis while the other is placed on the clitoris. For the softer, the vibrating ring, which is positioned at the base of the penis, will stimulate the clitoris of the lady while slowing down the ejaculation of the man. Enough to make the pleasure last a little longer. Finally, for the more daring, there are anal plugs or anal dildos to tame sodomy gently or simply reverse the roles.

Stimulated Areas

Now ask yourself the following question: what do you want? If you dream of stimulation of the G-spot to reach orgasm every time, opt instead for a vibrator with a curved head, to be sure of reaching your goal. On the other hand, if you prefer to stimulate your clitoris, it would be better to refer you to a clitoral stimulator. You can also choose to play on both tables by buying the famous “rabbit”, which has the good idea of ​​being both vaginal and clitoral. As for those who especially want to strengthen their perineum, nothing better than geisha balls. The Sex toys like Anal plugs are also an option for those wishing to venture into the area of ​​anal penetration.

And for sir, it also depends on what he wants. He can opt for a masturbation egg (or EGG), which forms a sheath around the penis, for an artificial vagina or even for an anal sex toy to discover new sensations.


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