Unique Ways to Use a Deer Cart

Hunting is high stress on both the mind and the body. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to mitigate some of that stress? Well, there is a way and it’s called a deer cart.

What is a deer cart you might ask? It’s a light cart built from both bicycle and motorized components. It looks like a wheel with a cart attached to it! It looks simple because it is. The non-motorized edition is a great way to carry your everyday backpacking items through rough terrain without having to ruin your back. Need an extra push? The motorized deer cart will lead the way.

Deer carts can be used for a number of reasons. Here are a few to name:

1. The packing out of big game meat such as elk.

2. Wheeling in a tree stand and ladder to be set up.

3. Transportation of large sacks of corn and other forms of legal bait.

4. One of these carts could also be used in an emergency to carry an injured companion in the event they cannot walk on their own.

This cart was firstly created as a method of packing meat out of the bush but as you can see there are several ways that it can be utilized.

Another great benefit of using one of these carts is its minimal impact on the environment, especially with the non-motorized version. The traditional use of mules can be harsh on the environment due to the stomping of vegetation and other destructive means. Of course, the biggest culprit of them all would be the ATV. Sure, an ATV is fast and convenient, but it will harm the terrain that you cherish and the noises will scare off your prey.

Where Can I Find One?

There is a company that will cover all of your deer cart needs. This device is all about convenience. These single-wheel game carts transfer the weight of your heavy supplies away from your shoulders, knees, and hips. All joints that need to be protected if you want to hunt long term. They sell ultra-light-weight packs for all types of people, whether it be for hunting, hiking, or camping. Whether you’re big or small. They’ve got you covered.

Pack Wheel provides ultra-light backcountry game & gear carriers, perfect for hauling hunting gear, big game, or hiking supplies.

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