Metal Roofing – Good For Your Building, Good For The Environment!

When you think about it, metal roofing doesn’t really stand out as the primary choice of material when it comes to sustainability and safety. However, there is more to this humble roofing solution than meets the eye! In fact, metal roofing structures are among the safest and greenest roofing options on the market. 

According to the specialists at 1st Choice Commercial Roofing in Houston, metal roofing is one of the most weather resistant roofing solutions available, especially suitable for place like Texas where weather extremes are a common occurrence. This type of roof material offers multifaceted benefits for your business since metal roofing installation is relatively inexpensive. Metal roofing contractors can assist you with choosing the correct gauge steel or aluminum, level of galvanization, additional weather protection, etc. 

How strong is metal roofing?

In a nutshell, very strong, although how strong exactly depends on many additional factors such as the type of metal, protective coatings, construction methods, etc. 

Good metal roofing systems are able to withstand up to 160mph winds. In this respect, look for a metal roofing system with the highest wind uplift rating.

Metal roofing is able to withstand impact from falling objects much better than other roofs as well. You don’t have to worry about rocks, hale, or branches falling and causing damage to the structure.

One the same note, metal roofing is not affected by pests and infestations, it doesn’t rot, leak, crack, dislodge, or otherwise take a turn for the worse. 

You shouldn’t treat it as indestructible though because it is not. In Houston, metal roof installation and repair is a pretty affordable service, so don’t cut corners with yours and enjoy your roof for longer through proper and timely maintenance. 

How sustainable is your metal roofing?

Contrary to common belief, metal roofing is actually one of the most eco-friendly industrial roofing solutions available. Here is why you should consider it:

  • Metal roofing is able to reduce an average power bill by up to 25%; it also minimizes the building’s energy waste through thermo resistant and reflective properties.
  • Metal roofing does not contain or use any petroleum products in itself or its manufacturing process.
  • Metal roofing is made using up to 60% recycled materials, it is also 100% recyclable at the end of its service life.
  • A metal roof has a high ROI index, meaning there are considerable costs recouped at resale. Needless to say metal roofs come with decades worth of warranty as well. 

How safe is your metal roofing?

Metal roofing structures are much safer than you probably think. These roofs are fire resistant and can be additionally treated for even greater fire protection. Properly installed metal roofs can withstand hurricane winds, and these structures are also very good at snow and ice shedding during winter. A metal roof will reduce the likelihood of the building being hit by lightning during a storm. Indeed, a metal roof will actually dissipate the electrical charge from lightning safely across its surface, even if the building itself is not grounded. In fact, a metal roofing structure acts like a Faraday Cage and dissipates all electricity discharges during a storm, whereas a thin lightning rod only protects from an electrical charge when it actually hits. Metal roofing helps you avoid all the static – literally!

It must be noted though, that metal roofing can be somewhat noisy when it rains. This is not really a factor in an industrial environment, but with the correct insulation (sheathing, plywood, etc.) your roof will be as quiet as bitumen or ceramic tiling.

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