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CBD (cannabidiol) has been touted as a miracle-worker! Fans of the substance, which is extracted from the cannabis plant, claim that it can relieve muscle pain and reduce feelings of anxiety. 

How good exactly is CBD? Here are other ways you can take advantage of the magic of CBD products.

For You and Your Dog

Dogs often do not respond well with products that have been formulated for human use, but CBD is the exception. Did you know that the compound’s anti-inflammatory properties benefit your pets, too?

Although there has not been a lot of studies on the matter, anecdotal reports suggest that cannabidiol can relieve pain in dogs. Some dog owners also use CBD to calm down an anxious pup. 

The substance may also aid dogs that suffer from seizures. 

There are potential side effects of cannabidiol use in dogs, but to decrease the risk, follow the recommended dosage. The side effects include dry mouth, low blood pressure, and slight drowsiness. Do not worry; THC, which gives marijuana users the feeling of being “high,” is not present in CBD. 

Help You Quit Smoking

Smokers find it difficult to quit even when they know the negative consequences of cigarettes on their health. Nicotine is very addictive because it releases dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter. When a person who has grown dependent on nicotine tries to quit, their levels of dopamine drop and they experience dysphoria. 

However, CBD may help. In one study, researchers reported that participants who used CBD oil smoked up to 40% fewer cigarettes than those who did not. 

Makes Wearing Heels More Tolerable

Women, and men, love wearing heels but, although they look good, they can be very painful. Apparently, celebrities have started applying cannabidiol on their feet before a big event, so they can walk comfortably in their stilettos. 

Busy Phillips and Many Moore are fans. On Instagram, Phillips advised fellow actor and friend Kristen Bell to use a CBD cream to avoid blisters. Moore was looking for a numbing cream to apply to her tired and aching feet when a makeup artist recommended CBD. 

There are no studies to prove the efficacy of CBD for blisters and sore feet caused by wearing any type of shoes, but if your favorite celebrities swear by it, then maybe it is worth trying. 

Fast-Tracks Post-Workout Recovery

There is solid evidence that CBD can relieve pain. Naturally, it will be able to help you go back to normal immediately after a strenuous workout. 

CBD, either applied topically or ingested, will decrease the soreness you feel in your muscles and joints after an exercise. It may also prevent a condition called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which appears a day or two after. 

CBD will allow you to go back to the gym immediately after the workout or perform your daily tasks without a problem. 

Anti-Aging Secret

Is CBD going to be the next best ingredient in skincare? The compound has started appearing in beauty isles across the country. 

Experts believe that the substance can prevent premature aging. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from the damage caused by negative elements, including pollution and ultraviolet rays. 

In CBD, you might have found the fountain of youth!

CBD has proven itself to be such a versatile product. However, it is not a treatment for any illnesses nor should it replace medication that has been prescribed to you by your doctor. 

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